COL Financial Application – Approved COL Application Part II

Success! my application for COL Financial is now activated, now all I have to do to complete my application is to fund my account,I’m still thinking if what will be the best option, the starter account 5,000 pesos, 25,000 pesos, or 1 million(in my dreams).

I’m planning to use my BDO account to fund my COL, using the online bills payment,instead of just over the counter whom I think is time consuming as well as there is an additional 50 pesos payment. Well I’m still deciding if what is the right move to do, I’m reading a lot of stock investment tips, blogs as well as observing the behaviour of stocks exchange, hopefully this investment venture will be favourable to me, cross fingers! Meanwhile I’m checking this site for a good iPhone 6 Case to buy or not to buy?


My Quest to Financial Freedom – COL Application Part 1

Well I’m planning to invest in the stock exchange with the help of COL Financial, I already submitted my application but after a week or two I received a message that my application is pending due to missing requirements, the issue is my government ID that I submitted is not clear.

Of course I will not back down to this simple hiccup, after I read the message I downloaded the additional form that they sent , fill it up and photocopied a clear ID. I’m going to send my application again and see if they will approved my application, cross fingers.

Anyways bookmark this page as I venture into the new world of investing, I will write all my experience, the ups and down on my investments.