#DeLimaBringTheTruth Trend Worldwide in Support of Sec. DeLima


Iglesia ni Cristo held a rally with hundreds of members calling for the DOJ to respect the separation of the church and the state. This is regarding their complaint about one of their members filing a case against the INC Sanggunian saying that Sec. DeLima is biased about the case.

Anyway there is also a rally and a campaign going on the social media, this is in support for Sec. Leila DeLima, thousands or shall we say now going to a million tweets is flooding the internet in support for DeLima, the hashtag #DeLimaBringTheTruth is now trending worldwide and now the number one topic on Twitter.

I guess the INC should do right now is to respect the law, they should know that no one is above the law, by conducting a rally and stopping DeLima to do her job, they are turning the public against them. I admire the secretary for the courage, let the truth out, don’t be afraid of the religious sect as long as you are doing the right thing, go for it, the public supports you.


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